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AC Series 2V Batteries


Deep Cycle Batteries are the key component in various types of renewable energy systems that require the storage of electricity. A battery is essentially a storage vessel for electricity. It is a critical component heavily relied upon by the system as a whole. A battery bank can provide a relatively constant source of power when the grid is down, or during periods when your photovoltaic system is not producing power. Although batteries are not one hundred percent efficient, they are predictable and stable enough for reliable long-term service. Batteries are basically the only method to store direct current (DC) power produced from sources like solar panels, wind generators, micro-hydro or generators. Think of your batteries like a bucket of energy, where the voltage is equal to pressure, and amperage equates to flow rate. Imagine that we are slowly pouring water into a bucket that has a small hole on the bottom.


  • Harris Battery Part #:5634

  • Volts:656

  • BCI Group Size:656

  • Weight lbs:657

  • Weight kg:67

  • Length inches:4134

  • Length mm:445

  • Width inches:54564654

  • Width mm:5455

  • Height inches:5565

  • Height mm: 676

  • 100 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH):7878

  • 20 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH): 87

  • 10 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH): 55

  • 5 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH): 323

  • 3 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH): 3

  • 1 Hour Rate Amp Hours (AH):44

  • Cranking Amps @ 32°F 0°C:656

  • Cold Cranking Amps @ 0°F -18°C: 56687

  • Reserve Capacity @ 75 Amps:78

  • Reserve Capacity @ 56 Amps:56

  • Reserve Capacity @ 25 Amps:556

  • Core Unit:6665

  • Terminal: 56565

  • 80% DOD Voltage Cutoff (Volts): 65675


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